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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 5, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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friends, it's over on today, on "right this minute." we're winding down the week with great viral videos and a brother's reunion years in the making. >> he had no idea that he'd be sitting in his living room when he got home. >> see why it's the next surprise that brings a grown man to his knees. think prison guard saw what they did. the question is, can you spot it? >> oh, yes! go pro takes you on a virtual reality tour from the boat to under the water. the amazing scene in all its 360 degree splendor. and youtuber andrew hale sets out to find out -- >> if his fedora will help him pick up chicks. >> the experiment that leads to some very awkward moments -- >> walking any faster they'd be
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>> this video has people on the internet all in there feeling and you'll see why. the guy that just got up off the couch, his name is axel. he has a surprise for his brother. >> is that exciteds smile, you see just about holding the emotion in. >> oh, yeah because he knows what's coming. >> her comes jeffrey, his brother. >> what's up? what's up? >> man tears. i love man tears. >> now here's the thing, jeffrey's momma lives in africa, axel limps in florida. he hasn't seen axel in about four years. >> axel is a young guy. probably took him a minute. like he looks familiar but he's taller. >> you see him shaking his head like wait a minute.
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[ indiscernible ] >> the camera pans over -- >> oh, no. >> oh -- >> oh, yeah. >> that is momma. her name is madeline. he hasn't seen momma in ten years. >> oh. >> wow >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, he's going to fall -- call 911 now. >> get them on the line. >> ha, ha. >> he's so overcome he can't >> she goes over and wraps her arms around him and he is -- >> come here you big baby. >> exactly it. >> like he's just gone down ten years in age. it's like he's a kid again. >> technology, so, they've been able to see each other but not see each other. >> excited. >> yeah. mm-hmm. >> but jeffrey's just had his first baby. which is her first grandchild. and so, she decided to show up not only to surprise him but to
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all in one video right here. >> it's injuries #love. >> the olympics are kicking off in brazil this weekend. and here's just a small taste of some of the olympic action you may see down in rio. see what's happening there. catch the high jump? >> no. >> no! >> oh, yes. >> my attracted to this guy in this prison yard dancing around but if i redirect your sights toe the back wall you'll see a guy in a red shirt easily scaling that wall right there. and if you listen closely -- >> they shot him? >> they did. you see the guy fall down behind that wall. but, seconds later there he is again. there are two shots.
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closely as he scales wall after wall and he's running across that grassy area to a waiting van. >> no way! >> does he actually get out? >> no! >> that thing take off. police are still looking for this guy. the other interesting part is that we're actually getting to see this video, not sure how many of you spent any time in prison. but cell phones like the one capturing this vio >> i think this can't be a maximum security priss. look at all that line they have for people just to scale the wall and get over it easily. >> well they actually classify this prison as a semiopen status. so i think a little bit too open. they put prisoners here that they believe have a low risk for flight or escape. if they underestimated that guy.
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video made my heart skip a beat. we start up here an the bow of the boat but this is a 360 video which means, we can start by looking around. matt reyes and the gopro crew went to hang out with jim abernathy. we've had him on the show before with the shark guys. this one is going to be slightly different and dare i say, very friendly. because once we go under the water -- >> awesome. >> decided and they were there for a long time. >> yeah, this is one of the sort of perfect videos for the experience. you can't really fully appreciate it on a laptop or computer. you can just follow them around. they will be so immersed it's cool. >> i do love how these guys are able to swim right next to the dolphins while they are hanging out, swimming super close, but also giving us some really cool
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formation. >> yeah. >> it's a top ten bucket list thing for me. actually go in the open ocean as much fun scaling the ocean but to swim with dolphins would be totally worth it. >> even if you peed your pants it would be totally okay. >> oh, yeah >> i love how majestic and pristine everything looks, there's nothing else, in the water, that you know of. if you want to check this video out and experience it for yourself, just head on over to, click on tv show or you can see it on our >> right here in china, some people are driving along this roadway and right in the middle of the road -- >> oh! >> did the tree fall over -- >> the ground under the tree caved. that -- >> sinkhole formed and that tree went right down in there because i know we'll close down the hoefry rain, broken water pipe. >> both of those. multiple cameras picked up what happen all these people looking
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>> well yeah, get away from the edge. it could still continue to collapse. >> we could see some time has passed because now it is dark outside. passersby, police, they're all working to pull this bomb out of there and that sinkhole is filling up with water. >> there was another person down there, too, after they pulled that woman out. >> there were other people in there and there are reports that some people are missing. >> and it had time to get dark and those people were so stuck in there -- >> heck no, i'd have sprouted wings, get me out of here. scary situation. >> check this out, there was a bus kaerg 20 passengers that was on the roadway, see this, those circles outline the cracks in the road. the driver saw them and moved out of the way. >> wait, he knew -- he could tell? >> check out this video from inside the bus and you get a view of the sinkhole forming just over to the side right here. >> wow >> whoa! >> he had spidey sense or something.
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of india, this happens to be a wind mill. they say that high voltage caused the fire. i think that's probably in the rotor. look at the helix of smoke ring that's forming. >> that's kind of cool actually. >> yeah. >> all the other once aren't blowing in the wind. >> they say it was a glitch and that that made the turbine start running at high speed but remember this is a wind mill. wind mills have blades and this thing's on fire. they're going to start giving this is going to start flying across the way. >> ooh! incredible. >> only one blade fell off. >> this majestic bird is -- >> stuck in the northeast river in maryland. >> watch it fly off into freedom. >> and these guests are not impressed. >> trying to -- >> see the illusion that breaks the ice. >> and look at the looks on their faces. >> show me more.
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closed captioning provided by -- new gold bond pain & itch relief with lidocaine. max strength lidocaine numbs away pain and itch. gold bond. relief starts now. eagle a majestic bird. american freedom. until it's not free. this eagle stuck in the northeast river in maryland. these people corralled it over to the side and when they did
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up in fishing line. they said it was swimming in the water slowly and a bunch of people with towels trying to get it under control and as you can see the first towel toss, not an olympic worthy event. >> the poor thing probably just went in, saw fish that it could capture, grabbed it, didn't realize that it got away from a fisherman. >> oh, you're going to see that fish and it was a big one that's why i'm sure the eagle wasn't paying attention to the fishing line and just the fish. for people who haven't seen this before when birds g to dry off. this one is stay back, i'm drying off. >> relax, buddy. they're trying to help. >> it took them about two minutes to get the fishing line off and finally it was free to go. now this next video shows what absolute opportunist eagles are from a nest cam in hog island, maine. livestreams this. look at it. >> whoa that ission believable. >> they that again! >> there are three baby ospreys but you see an eagle coming in
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right behind but that osprey parent can't keep up with the speed and power of the eagle. these are chicks. one jumped out. it's that bird's first flight. the other one ducked but the eagle gets one. >> that's incredible. because it looked like the eagle initially went after the first chick that jumped up then at the last second just pulled up like a fighter jet and picked off that one. the third one is just like, whoa! >> i'm going to say, right here. >> when we watch this we notice the fluidity. look at that person and say, wow. they're just flawless. that's the case with baz. >> all right. >> this guy is a pro mountain biker decided to go out and build his dream slalom in british columbia, canada. and this is it. this red bull video shows baz at the top of his game. he has built an incredibly
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you don't necessarily hear the words flawless in downhill mountain biking but that's what we've seen here. he loves being able to technically transition from one section to the other, back and forth, he believes, really gets him tuned in and trained up for his next ride. >> they call it kind of like the slow stage when someone of that ability is hitting it. >> it really is. ? >> you know when you're at some sort of soiree, party, you're looking for some kind of ice breaker. one of the best ice breakers there is, is magic.
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special tricks. >> here we go. check this out. >> it's pretty simple. he's selected the 6 of hearts, as he tears it into pieces. >> sign your name and you're going to sign your name next. >> i love the look on people's faces when a magician first starts. okay. >> you've nailed it, nick. in this video to start with people could not be less interested. >> can this guy go away. >> would you agree that we have three p watch this. i'm going to count to three. >> then with a little bit of a flourish. >> vanishing card. no big deal. >> it's when they reappear that it gets interesting. >> oh, no. see -- i'm sorry, is that -- >> is that it? >> inside that bottle of beer, that the guy standing over there was holding is the 6 of hearts. >> but he could have just put
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been in on it. >> right, right, but they just signed the card, it's been torn into pieces. and the guy's like i've got nothing to do with this. >> is that insane? >> look at the looks on their faces change. show me more. show me more! >> that's exactly it! >> and so just the purity and the magic of magic. >> it really does make everybody a child again suddenly everyone's communicating, everybody wants to know how it's done. >> magic. >> a gift. >> diviing big in pennsylvania. >> see that bridge? >> look at his eyes. >> see what goes wrong next "right this minute." and still to come, he saw a hole and decided to take a peek. >> but he's going to take us with him because he attached the pam ra to the end of the stick. >> kind out what's in there. >> plus,
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push it. >> well, the poster of this video, decided to take a peek but who's going to take us with him because he attached the camera to the end of this stick. >> hello, who's in there. >> you're about to find out. >> because you do see a lot of in arizona are these suckers -- >> so cool. look at him. he's like, don't do it? >> look at the shot of that rattlesnake. the tongue is going. >> this guy had actually gotten serious because for a couple of days he walked past this hole had seen that the snake was just kind of hanging out in there and realized they could be in there at this time of year they should be out and about. you see when the mother rattlesnake, you realize -- >> oh. >> there's that least one other snake in there with her. smaller snake.
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by the guys at sunshine coast snake catchers. it's actually a little different because they just wanted to show us how they're communicating. >> oh. >> right? >> see a snake and they're like go, go, go, go, go. >> yeah, that is exactly what's going on. letting each other know there is dang sclerm >> get the heck out of dodge, man. >> it's want people to know this particular communication call by the birds because if they start to clue you in -- ? >> this couple has taken the internet by storm.
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? ? >> this married couple has formed a group. they learned that they had music in common and now that they're perform songs like this. they do their own original music but they also do cover songs. this one is one day. >> oh, look at the baby she's so happy. >> of course. it's just an uplifting song. i kind of feel like the world needs to listen to this song a little bit right now. >> people just really enjoy their pure voices and acoustic harmony. >> they're smiling from ear to ear. >> they just seem like such a cute couple. a family. they just did so much. just fun there.
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over to our website click on tv show or use our mobile app. >> one day -- >> ? one day one day ? time for the king of awkward to hit the beach and -- >> pick up girls wearing a fedora. >> see if the fancy hat does the
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>> the fish is very >> the most awkward youtuber we know. has hit the streets of venice, california, to see if his fedora will help him pick up chicks. >> going to be really hard. do you like my hat? >> no. >> you don't like my hat? >> yeah, it's nice. >> oh, thanks. >> it's a good hat but it's not nothing to do with a hat.
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>> can i come? >> no. >> no. sorry. >> all right. >> is it because of the hat? >> no! >> no it's not the hat. >> they can't walk fast enough. >> walking any faster, they'd be in a full sprint. >> it's not the hat. the hat is stylish. it's his awkwardness. >> what's going on? you on vacation? are you going home now? [ inaudible ] >> it's hard to watch, isn't it? >> yeah. >> it's hard to watch. i know the feeling. you feel awkward, sort of uncomfortable for him. >> you just cringe for -- >> but he's so good at it. >> mm-hmm. >> what's cookin' good lookin'. >> oh, no! >> not that line. hey cutie. what's going on. [ bleep ] >> that's our look at today's best viral videos.
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